Originally Posted: 2005-03-22 10:43am

favorite this post Free concert...bring a blanket!

Just wanted to let all of my fellow RnR'ers know that, right now, there is a free concert going on in the alley between the 32XX block of Chatham and Gaul Sts. Please bring a blanket to sit upon so that your day of musical entertainment will be that much more enjoyable. Performing today and today ONLY will be the infamous LOUDMOUTHED BARKING FUCKING BLACK DOG. He will be accompanied by his equally retarded yardmate the FAT BROWN STUPID BARKING DOG. They have been performing since 8AM today, so I don't know how much longer they will be here (whereas I am considering cutting out their vocal chords). As of right now, you have missed their rendition of the entire musical scores from Phantom of the Opera, Annie - The Musical, and (ironically enough) Cats. From what I understand, still to come is Rent and The Producers with Tommy as the Grand Finale. Please don't miss this opportunity to listen to these two fuckers wail away as their owner sits in her house completely oblivious to the musical phenomena occurring outside of her window. Also, rumor has it that there will be (if they live this long) an accompaniment by the local "in heat" cats of the area. Don't miss it...they may not be here long! PS: I'm sure all of the tree-hugging, vegan, animal rights activists will be all over me for threatening these two beasts. So, I shall tell you ahead of time, GO FUCK YOURSELF! :-) this is in or around Port Richmond

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