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Osteologist near Clark Park - w4w

You are studying osteology, but I think not in Philly. You and your girlfriend admired the plastic dog skeleton on my porch, and you thought it was extremely amusing that its scapulae were on backwards. We tried unsuccessfully to repair it. If that's not enough for you to know I'm talking about you, then you will also remember that you identified a mysterious skull I found in the ocean. I forget now what kind of fish it's from, so please tell me again what it is, though this is not why I am trying to find you.
You may recall I mentioned a dead groundhog I buried last summer and that I was hoping to put its skeleton together somehow and I believe you two wanted to help. I think I might see if it's sufficiently decomposed now to do this project. If you're still interested, please get in touch.
Just to be clear: This is a platonic request for help to reassemble the skeleton of a dead groundhog.

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