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Giant Ugg Boot? Giant Ugg Boot.

Giant Ugg Boot? Giant Ugg Boot. 1 thumbnailGiant Ugg Boot? Giant Ugg Boot. 2 thumbnail
Tired of all the other basics showing you up style wise when you go home for thanksgiving? Kick em in the face.....with fashion. This giant ugg style boot is robustly built and can handle more pumpkin spice induced diabeetus than the fine folks at Liberty Medical and Wilford Brimely himself! will know what to do with.

Now I know what you are thinking "What sort of things can I do with this boot??!!!" Fear not, this boot is both stylish and versatile. maybe your cat needs a basic cat house.... You can mount it on your roof as a beacon to show your home is a sanctuary for all those who love pink.... Even better, turn it into a lamp like in the hit film "a christmas story" it will be like LITERALLY the opposite of frag eel lay.

I am sure you probably have a lot of other questions like "Hey where did you get such an item" but hey, thats none of your goddamn business is it? If you want the boot, come and pick it up. I caution you, if its not gone soon I will burn it and a black north face fleece in a demonic ritual to summon the dark prince Satan, aka a guy named Chad who cheats on you all the time. Do you really want to go back to wondering why you are not good enough for Chad while watching your Gilmore Girls box set for the 6th time? Didn't think so....come get this boot.

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