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We'd like some nice beer to keep our fridge well stocked,
no Milwaukee Best, Natural Ice or Pabst Blue Ribbon...
we'd prefer, Yuengling, Becks, Heineken, Bass, Guiness (for Nick), Sam Adams, or anything you deem "quality"

If you'd just like to give us the stuff, we'll take it - I mean, come on -- you were in College once, you know what it is like--

But, you're probably wondering
What can we do for you? Well, we're smart guys...
Here is a list of our skillsets:
Misc. Computer Skills (PC, Mac, Linux, Unix... yeah we're smart like that)
Photography (could require loads of beer depending on assignment),
Digital Photography questions answered,
Covering for you while you're with your mistress (eg. "honey, Im with the guys from Temple tonight -- we're going out bowling")
Transporting legal goods up to ten miles via bicycle,
Efficiency Consulting (requires loads of Beer)
Ebay Sales
Wingman (also requires loads of Beer)
Spaghetti Eating
Cheese making (Mozzerella- other types of Cheese require loads of Beer)
Personalized AIM buddy icons
Movie recommendations
Driving stickshift
Dancing next to you to make you look good
Pete and Pete questions answered
Fact Checking
25 Shortcuts to Great Sex (ripped from the headlines)

and we're open to negotiations...

this is in or around Temple U

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