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Hi. I think it's spring, because I'm starting to have dreams with Matt Damon in them again.

I know, you're not Matt Damon, and I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow and frankly, that's probably for the best. But maybe, just maybe I could start having dreams with non-celebrities in them. It'd be nice. My dream life would begin to feel more attainable.

I guess what I would wonder most about you is, given the opportunity to either: A) go out to a club and see a moderately good band or B) stay home and watch Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live, which one you would choose?

I'd lean more towards B, unless I knew the band and really enjoyed them and the Christopher Walken episode was a repeat I had already seen.

So obviously, it's not as easy for me to meet cute boys, since I seem to be home watching Saturday Night Live. But geez, you go to the club and there are these hipsters and if I'm a little crabby it rubs me the wrong way and I wish I had stayed home.

Is this you? Or can you relate at all? I think this is the sign of an introvert.

Not that everyone I hang out with has to be an introvert -- man, that'd be trouble for me. We'd end up making tents in my living room using my coffee table and bedspread. That would be so sad.

As I mentioned, I'm a scrawny redhead who seems to attract older men, or at least those are the ones who say something... perhaps the younger men just keep their mouths shut but are thinking something along the lines of "hubba hubba!" I may never know.

I'm still younger, so the older thing does me little good, except for the slight boost to the ego. I'm 30 but whenever I tell anyone that they are completely shocked because I look 50.

Just kidding. I look younger than 30, actually. Just the other night a young whippersnapper of 22 told me she TOTALLY thought I was around 24!

If you're witty, with a dry sense of humor and a penchant for stealing lines from The Simpsons, we should probably meet. Send me an e-mail, drop me a line, state your point of view. I'll trade photos, too.

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