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Dear Mr PGE Meter man,
This morning around 9:00 you were at my house checking my meters. I was naked digging furiously through my laundry basket of clean clothes.
You see, I was in a cleaning mood last night. This doesnt happen very often, and when it does, it results in me doing massive amounts of laundry...all of my clothes get hauled upstairs and sorted and washed and then they stay there because im always too tired to finish the job and haul them back down. So when I woke up this morning, all I had to put on in my room was a pair of jeans. Now, considering its just me and one other female living in this house, I wasn't concerned with going upstairs topless to dig through and find my bra and shirt to wear that day. Little did I know, you were chilling in your truck in my driveway.
After a good solid 15 seconds of rummaging through the heap and finding a bra with underwire in both cups (a recent battle for me has been underwire poking the shit out me - so I rip it out and destroy my bra), a nice shirt, and a pair of underwear to put on under my jeans, I looked out the window to check the weather, and noticed your little truck...sitting there...with you in it...looking at me.
Now here is where my apology begins. The horrified scream I released wasnt because you were ugly, scary, or stalker-resembling, it was from the shock that I had just given you a full frontal with time enough to find the camera phone selection, take a shot of me, decide you didnt like it, erase it, take another one, save it, and label it "now here's a way to start my monday morning". Not that you did that, but you would have had time to. So I ran back away from the window, mortified and attempting to cover my chest, which is hard to do...they arent mosquito bites. So I feel bad about yelling. Sorry
I was comforting myself...maybe he didnt see? but when I looked out my window, you were on the phone giggling and i swear I saw the word tits being sait...maybe im just paranoid.
So here is the deal, since youve already seen my boobs, i was wondering if you would be willing to get even with me? If you read this, tell me a little about yourself...maybe you saw my boobs for a reason? hahaha
Topless and Mortified

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