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I am offering - for free - about five ounces of loose leaf green tea from the Tea Zone, of the variety called "High Mountain Green." I'm not going to lie. The reason I'm giving this away is because it's disgusting. To me and to everyone in my office. But you never know, you might be different. You might like it. I'm sitting in my office and wondering how I can possibly rid myself of this without going against everything I've ever been taught and just throwing it away. The answer is craigslist. Please: come to my office and take this green tea. It is a burden on my desk and a blight on my cubicle, and I can't stop drinking it because I bought it and it is here. But I don't want to ever choke down another sip of this tea again.

The deal is that you come and take this tea, no questions asked. No taste tests...I'm not serving out mugs of tea during my workday. Just take it. If you hate it you have several options:

--post an ad on craigslist. This can be the bag of tea that circulates throughout the Pearl District via craigslist.
--How about regifting it to a co-worker you hate for Christmas?
--This tea might make good compost
--Free confetti
--Throw it at yuppies who don't thank you for holding open doors or complimenting their $2000 dogs
--Make Jameson Square Park's fountain a tea fountain

I don't care what you do with it. Be creative! Just relieve me of it.

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