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Re: Opened Margarita Mix & Used Lipstick

For God's sake, would you please just THROW IT OUT already!!!

You, with the margarita mix, you've been posting this for about six weeks now. As if it wasn't icky enough to take opened food or beverage items from a complete stranger, now it's been opened for six weeks! Yuck!

And you, with the used lipstick that belonged to your sister and you aren't even sure if it's lipstick?!? You too! "Scrape off the top to get to an unused/uncontaminated portion of the lipstick." Eeew!!

THROW IT OUT ALREADY!! There's a line between upcycling and not knowing when to just let it go and you both (provided you aren't actually the same person, which I suspect you are and THAT totally creeps me out) HAVE CROSSED IT.

THROW IT OUT and leave CL for things that people can actually use (and won't make them physically ill).

The rest of you wonderful CLers may now return to your regularly scheduled programming and thank you for your time.

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