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I will give you a 12 pack of good beer (or $15) to take my ugly couch away. It's totally comfortable, but is self destructing (I assume to save the world from its incandecent uglyness). The couch is brownish-gold with yellow and white flowers & green foliage. One cushion is a bit dog chewed-the cover is intact, but he somehow busted the zipper open to get at the fantastic filling. My seamstress skills are subpar, so I just safety pinned it back together. The hide-a-bed part is still holding up, but the springs aren't very tight anymore, and tend to fall off. So some are missing and others are abandoning ship like the rats they are.

Regardless, free beer is free beer, right? And when you combine free beer with a hide-a-bed, you've got all the makings of a real "special" night, if you get my drift. C'mon, this thing is a chica/o magnet! Once you see the ugly outside, you just naturally want to pull out the marginally less ugly inside.

Let the magic begin.

this is in or around West Linn

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