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Dear Gentlemen,

There have been a few times in the past, and some memorable times recently,
where we have kissed each other. Now this is nice, isnít it? Kissing is
pleasant. Now here is the part I donít like. I do not like it when we are
kissing and you grab my hand and put it on your penis. I do not want to touch
your penis. Yes, I know I turn you on. Yes, I know you have an erection. No, I
donít care. If I wanted to touch it, I would touch it of my own accord. This is
not to say that I wonít ever touch it. In all likelihood, if you treat me right
and we have gotten this far, I will touch your penis at some point. But if I
havenít touched it yet, it means that I am either not ready to take our
relationship to the penis touching level, or I donít want to do it. Our lips
touching does not mean that our genitals are about to touch. Please remember
this next time we interact.

Your Lady Friend

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