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favorite this post For ALL you men who answer these ads -

What is wrong with all of you people? I constantly see men posting here about how they need to have sex, how they're so open, blah blah blah. I understand you're desperate but here are some ways not to go about it if you're really serious about getting laid:

1. do not lie about your age, your body, your cock size. It's impossible to hide any of it in person and it's really to your disadvantage. I might have been fine with someone who looked like my friend's dad, but if I show up expecting someone like my high school crush, I'm going to be sad and leave.

2. do not send pictures of people other than yourself, especially not of well known celebrities, or even b-list celebrities. If I wanted a picture of Orlando Bloom I'd get it myself, and one that's to my tastes. It is a pointless activity.

3. when cock pictures are requested, avoid sending pictures of the dildo you have and eye with jealousy. A dildo always looks like a dildo and strategically cropping the picture isn't going to fool anyone.

4. Avoid sending pictures in response to "Casual Sex Wanted" ads that feature your girlfriend's face in 90% of the frame, with you barely visible behind her, save for your hand cupping her breast. If I wanted to sleep with a woman, I'd put the ad in the w4w section. I don't care that you have a girlfriend, kids, or a wife, but really it's just tasteless to send out an image like that.

5. Don't waste our time by writing, then saying hey wow actually I'm married and would feel really guilty doing this, I only wrote thinking you'd never write back. Take your guilt to someone who cares, and remember that you married someone who's supposed to humor you and your indecison.

6. Always keep in mind why you come to this category called "Casual Encounters". You came here to find youself some sexing, and so did everyone else. This is not an opportunity to make friends, have a bbq, etc. Don't ask personal questions that don't relate to sexing, don't whine and say "you're mean" when you're not treated like a spouse, and don't assume an invitation to dig in her vagina is necessarily extended to her refrigerator or DVD collection.

We women can get laid whenever we want, wherever we want. If we wanted to find a random overweight stranger with a tiny penis we could do it in person, at a bar, or a gas station, or at Fred Meyer in the cat food aisle. The best way for you men to get laid through these ads is by being honest. Plenty of you are just trollers who like to answer ads, send over false information and then whine more about how people think you're a loser and it's been so long since you had sex you wonder if it's different now. This is an adult site and you're ruining it for those of us who are mature and honest enough to take advantage of it.

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