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Ho Ho Ho my little snowlings. Are you looking for bargains? Well, all this white stuff must have gone to my brain because I'm prepared to offer you all this crap for free! Did I say crap? I mean craparific crap! Come on down because today (and tommorrow and the next few days) the price is right.

Our first item is a Tan Furrarri Dog Crate. Purchased new at Western Pet Supply one year ago, fits dogs up to 100 lbs, and is approved for air flight. How much for this fantastic item you ask? One hundred dollars? NO! One dollar? Getting closer! For just zero dollars you can have it! Just get it out of here! For today only I'll throw in the red rug which lines the interior-tres chic for your rover or rovette!

Next we have a tan and cream stripe vintage love seat. Purchased just 2 years ago at the Saint Vinnie's funiture showroom, this love seat adds a lot of class to any living room, porch or curbside retreat. All cushions are removable to create a handy workspace, or to provide extra cushions for those embarrassing times when you come up short. Comes pre-stained on one side so you don't have to worry about muddying it in the moving process. If you don't enjoy this fantastic dirt stain, it can be removed (probably) with just a little soap and water. Yours now for the hauling!

Our final item today is just too fantastic for words. At this time only you can be the proud owner of a wood grain coffee table. Not impressed??? Wait, there's more-this isn't just any coffee table. At the wisk of a hand this fine furnishing can be converted to an entertainment center, plant stand, or even a foot rest. Yes, this versitile piece's use is limited only by your imagination. The chipping in the black legs can be fixed by simply ignoring it! How can I get my hot little fingers on this fabulous item, you ask? It's easy! All you have to do is pick it up, haul it away, and it's yours! No money down, no payment plans, in fact-there's no payment necessary at all!

Shoot me an email, and we'll turn this fantasy into a reality!

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