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favorite this post To the person who stole the stereo from my crappy car (with pic)

See that car, see what a big piece of shit it is? Notice the 3 different colors it is. If you were to look at the car more closely you could see the car was combined from two shitty cars to make one car that was a little less shitty. Well the shitty car is mine, seeing as how it's a big piece of shit I never lock the doors. I mean, no one would want to steal my car, and there is nothing of value in the car to steal.... Or so I thought.

You seemed to think my shitty stereo was worth money. This is the kind of stereo you can find in the trash or at garage sales. You can buy one at the junkyard for $5.00. It has no resale value so why did you steal it? Did you not notice that you have to adjust the station by turning a knob with your fingers? Shit man, you coulda found more change in between the cushions than what the stereo is worth.

Now I have to drive to the MAX station with no stereo, only listening to my loud mufflerless exhaust. I'm gonna have to start looking in the trash or at Goodwill for another stereo. I would appreciate it if you could return my stereo or a similar one. Hell if you want to be generous then steal a good one and put it in my car.

Asking for another stereo is probably too much so the thing that I really want back is the adapter that was in the tape deck, it allows you to hookup a portable CD player to the stereo. I was going to take that into work on Monday so I could play some CDs on the tape player at work.

You know what my car looks like, its the VW Fox that is 3 colors. It is the only one there from Michigan. So if you are there stealing stuff again please return some of my stuff.

Thank you,

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