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You heard me, don't touch me. That means you. I do not want you touching my belly. Yes, I know, "it's a miracle" and "it's so interesting" but it's my body; not yours. Move away from my belly. If you are so tempted to touch, ASK FIRST and when, if, I tell you "NO", respect my answer. Do not attempt to change my mind. Do not ask incredulously, "Why not?" Do not tell me that I'm not being fair. Do not pout and do not ask again. You wouldn't expect to touch a non-pregnant woman's belly; do not expect to touch mine. I don't care to share my "miracle" with you. That is something for my husband and me.

And while you are at it, stop wagging your finger at me if I have a glass of wine. Don't tell me I shouldn't eat tuna or sushi or anything else for that matter. I am a grown woman and intelligent human being (likely more intelligent and educated than you) and I have consulted my doctor regarding all consumables that I have any desire to consume. If I'm drinking my one-a-week glass of wine, I'd like to enjoy it without your hysterical reaction. Europeans have no issue with a glass and thousands of women before me have indulged much more than I. If I'm having sushi, I don't need your eyeballs falling out because you "can't believe I would risk it". Like the wine, my doctor okayed sushi and any number of other foods you may not approve.

Unless you are my doctor or my husband, you may keep your opinions to yourself; I'm not interested.

In fact, I'm probably less interested in your opinion than you are of hearing my opinions on your beliefs on abortion (pregnancy has made me more pro-choice than ever), your scoundrel of an ill-behaved child and thus, your rearing techniques, your likely lack of intelligence and/or common sense, not to mention decorum and tact, your hairstyle or the sludge you find acceptable to eat.

btw, to the idiot that says it's a little late to be saying 'no touching' now that I'm knocked up - if you read the first paragraph of my post, it's pretty clear that I don't have a problem with my husband touching me ("That is something for my husband and me."). My husband has privileges with me that you and everyone else do NOT have, just as he had before I became pregnant.

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