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Me: youngish, male, dress like a gay bike messenger. laying down on an orange messenger bag.

You: thirtyish, male, dressed like a preppy office worker.

place: under the stairs in our office building.

Yes thats right you caught me napping. You walked up i saw your legs from my troll perch, you saw me, I smiled at you and laughed. You apologized and scurried away.

Now there are numerous reasons that I nap there, including: it is a
underused staircase cause it only goes up to the third floor
baseball playoffs are wearing me out
I have been pulling the sex shift
and my rock and roll lifestyle doesn't always jive with my 9-5 job
Notice there is a sensible explanation for me sleeping under the staircase.

But you? You?
I NEED to know what you were doing back there. There is no reason to walk past the stairs going up and into the cave beneath the stairs. Who besides me has reason to occupy this space. Your reasoning for venturing into my troll camp has been eating away at me. PLEASE tell mewhat you were doing there. Your secret is safe with me but i need to know. Do you nap there? Masterbate? Shoot up? Secret sex? PLEASE tell me, I promise your secret will go no farther.

To anyone else in my dumb office building, don't get any ideas. The troll cave under the stairs is mine. If I catch you napping or having sex there I WILL ask you to leave. I don't want you there and I don't want you walking up on me whilst I nap. I don't want to smell that you have been there. I have already threatened to call the fire marshall when the janitor thought it would be a handy place to store paper towels and TP. So stay away.

Preppy office man, please tell me what you do under the stairs. Please.

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