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My strange night of missed connections exes.

1. The so-so date:

I was waiting for a table with some friends at a restaurant on Glisan and got really pissed at the hostess, mostly because I was hungry and I get REALLY grouchy when Iím hungry, but also because I thought she gave our table away to someone else, so I walked to the back to check out the tables for myself. There he was, with another woman, chatting away, the so-so date guy from about a month ago. I donít think he saw me, and my hair is a different color than it was then and a little shorter, so I did the turn-the-head-while-youíre-walking-by-quickly move and crossed my fingers. Donít get me wrong, he seemed like a nice guy, but I had met him at something like 2 a.m. on a wild night out with friends and it had seemed like a good idea to give him my phone number at the time, but when I saw him again without the beer goggles...there was just no spark. I sat through a dinner with him where I was as pleasant as possible while he interviewed me. I made some funny jokes I think, and tried to ask him questions about himself and not look bored. I think heís looking for a wife, not that thatís bad, just I donít want to be his wife. By the way, I looked hotter than his date.

2. The guy I really liked that was maybe a workaholic or maybe just didnít like me:

Okay, so we leave the other restaurant because between the date boy and the lame hostess and the crowd I just say fuck it and drag my friends away. So weíre sitting at a new restaurant and thereís no bread, and I am dangerously grouchy, but then I am given a glass of wine and I mellow out some. But...then I look over and this boy I ADORED was sitting across the restaurant. I had met him at a New Yearís Eve party, which would have made a beautiful story, except that this particular boy was either a workaholic with no time for me (so he said) or maybe just wasnít all that into me and gave an excuse to spare my feelings (what I suspected). So anyways, I bite the bullet and go over and say hi, and heís TOTALLY nice and friendly and introduces me to his friends (two of which were women, one of which would have given me a run for my money) and holds my hand when he says hi and tells me a group email I recently sent out was super funny. Okay, whatever, I go back to my table and sit down and (finally) eat. So, later he comes over when his group finished dinner and HOLDS MY HAND as he talks to me, and tells me I look REALLY PRETTY and do I still have his email, because if I do, I should email him, plus he made EXTENDED EYE CONTACT. I am very confused, I clearly have his email as he just said my email was funny, and what exactly would he be looking for in an email from me really? A confirmation of continued interest? Another witty essay? Some smalltalk? If heís interested, why canít he email me? Or, just tell me? Boys are so confusing. On a side note, I am really happy that I wore my current favorite skirt and heels and bothered to blow dry my hair instead of just putting it up in a pony tail.

3. The guy who still had feelings for his ex.

Okay, so adorable boy leaves and my friends and I finish dinner and go upstairs to have a drink and there, playing pool, is this guy I dated for like a month who pushed me to take everything all fast and serious and even made me go watch him play hockey, which sucked because the bench was hard and cold and it smelled really bad. He was really cute, but not really together. Anyways, he re-discovered feelings for his ex while I was away for a week, go figure. I was completely done with him at this point, Iím not in junior high school and all and those types of games just donít interest me anymore, or actually I think they never did, except then he sent me a kind of rude email, unprompted I might add, so I countered with an email analysis of his personal issues as I saw them, which apparently struck a chord because then he called me (I didnít answer) and left me an apology (which was in order). Anyways, the last I heard from him was a 3:00 a.m. booty call on a Saturday night which I did not answer. Makes me shake my head, I tell you. Anyways, so then at this bar he very clearly sees me but pretends not to. My first instict is to GET OUT and AWAY, but then I think, fuck him, heís not running me out, so I stick around, in a visible area, for about an hour and half and ponder how lame he is. I am now SUPER GLAD I have my sassy skirt and heels on. My friends finally tire and we go home. For the record, this particular guy, he was there WITHOUT a girl, so maybe his ex didnít work out after all, poor baby, maybe SHEíLL answer if you call 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday night, because I sure wonít.

On a side note, this guy by the bar tried to buy me a beer. I said no, but then ended up talking to him for a while anyways. But...then when I turned to the bartender to ask for my beer, I accidentally stuck my whole knee into the guyís crotch (he was on a barstool). Very embarrasing. I turned bright red, he and his friend laughed, and I decided, given the events of the evening, I wanted something a little stronger. I told the bartender I actually needed something a little STIFFER and I would like a gin and tonic. My poor word choice was apparently very funny as well. I turned redder, said bye, and slunk back to my friends.

In any case, what gives here? What is the world trying to do to me? Really, all in all, that was a little more stress than I wanted to handle on a first Thursday out on the town. My headís all awhirl. Nuts.

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