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favorite this post nobody missing me?

so i have to ask, why doesn't anyone miss me? sure i may not have bright pink hair, a long bit of slime falling from my nose, i don't have toilet tissue stuck to my shoe, but i'm sure someone must notice me? someone must be missing me? i mean i go all around town just trying to be in the right spot at the right time for someone to miss me. i come home every day and faithfully run to my computer, log in, click on the missed connections, as i hit my play on my pre recorded general hospital soap and a bag of white chedder popcorn...and i search and search just wishing and waiting for you to have missed me, for me to be missed by a random stranger. for me to have a post just once that someone missed their connection with me...but no luck, as usual my fingers are caked with powered white chedder cheese, my popcorn is gone, and the bad guy one again on the show. so hey if you think you can take some time from you day to miss me...here's my daily routine...so i'll be ready to be missed by you...

5am wake up, shower get ready, get coffee at cafe
6am run home check missed connection
7am get gas in my car, try to be noticed by the fellow pump refillers
8am run home checked missed connections
9am go to work, take the bus
10am arrive at work, run to desk check missed connections
noon run to the other side of town for maxium visability, get luch, go back to work
1pm check missed connections
3pm leave work, begin shopping for grociers
4 store one on each side of town, stop off at vidoe store, library and bank, once again for maximun daily visablity
6pm arrive home, check missed connection
so now that you know i read the mc's could you please freakin miss me.

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