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An open letter to the boys Iíve lied to:

So, sometimes when Iím out on the town and I get a little bored, I spice things up for myself by telling lies about my profession. Theyíre always believed. In any case, I started feeling a little guilty on Friday night when this very nice man started giving me a pep talk about how I needed to be more proud about my imaginary job after I pretended to be knocking it. I have resolved to stop this behavior, and I would like to let all the boys out there know that if you meet a girl who works these particular jobs, itís a lie. Stop me if you do, and tell me Iím being mean.

Following is a list of my imaginary jobs.

1. Zoo Keeper. I do not work at the Portland Zoo. I am not currently working in ungulates, but hoping to move up to carnivores. I suspect that you can actually tell alot about an animal from its feces, but this is a guess. I do not have a beef with the lady who works with the hippopotamuses, and I really donít know if sheís a bitch or not. In fact, Iíve never even been to the Portland Zoo and I donít know if they even have hippos or not. I also donít know if the elephant keeper is having an affair with the lady that runs the zoo cam. All of those things are lies.

2. Professor. I am not a Portland State University psychology professor. I cannot tell, on the basis of your dreams, whether or not you suffer from some sort of pathology. I did not work in a mental home to make extra money in graduate school and I donít have any amusing anecdotes from this experience. I donít know if there is a long-running feud between the Sociology department and the Psychology department or not, and I donít actually know how common it is for students to hit on faculty members, even ones of my relative youth. I also donít think the Psychology Department secretly has a chimp hidden on the fifth floor of Cramer Hall that they conduct experiments on either.

3. Garbage Collector. I am not a garbage collector, and certainly not one who has worked with Portland Sanitation for long enough to have a desireable Monday to Friday work schedule. I donít actually know if trash collectors in Oregon have great benefits. Honestly, I would think not. I donít think I would like working that early in the morning, despite what I might have said about then having the rest of the day free to do what I like. I do think that putting dog shit or cat litter in a trashcan without containing it in some way probably sucks for the trash collectors, but I donít actually know. This, again, is a guess.

4. Truck Driving School Student. I have not always been fascinated with large machines like backhoes and cherry-picker trucks, and finally worked up the courage to go to truck driving school after I heard an ad on the radio about it. I am not starting Monday. I do not hope to work the upper United States, preferably for a grocery company or a pet supply store. I do not dream of someday owning my own truck and painting it purple.

5. Secretary. I am not a receptionist for a law firm, and I do not take great pleasure in filing and collating. I am not the only one in the office who can fix the copy machine when itís broken, and I am not considering leaving this job to go get training in some type of mechanical field because of my apparent aptitude with the copy machine. I am not offended because management requested I paint my nails on a regular basis so as to have a better FOA. I am also not out drinking on a Friday night because Iím upset that I walked in on my married boss and his secretary getting busy on the office desk. Iím not worried heís going to fire me because of what I know. Thatís just not true.

So, if you met any of these people, you actually didnít. That was a missed connection. I would like to apologize for my misbehavior.

Thank you for your time.

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