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You see, I've been stewing on this one for a good part of the day. You were beautiful... your smile was beautiful, your dark hair was beautiful, heck, even the way you ate that pastry thing was beautiful. I was the one that had been up until that point deeply engrossed in my book, but after a momentary pause to sip my coffee when I noticed you down on the bus stop below me my concentration went completely out the window. You were wearing jeans, a cute outfit, sitting down at a rather awkward angle below me. I was on the Torrefazione balcony thing, in the jeans and flipflops and white tshirt.

I was gazing at you for a few seconds, a thought running through my head somewhere along the lines of "whoa that girl is really gagh ahg aghh ahhh gahh agh". Mid deep-thought you noticed me and we made eye contact: I, showing off my don juan finesse, immediately broke from your rather intense beautiful eyes to instead gaze at a squirrel. Or maybe a leaf. I don't remember.

Shortly thereafter we made second eye contact. You flashed that beautiful smile, in return I tried to grin, but I'm entirely positive that had I looked in the mirror my mouth would have instead resembled something carved into a pumpking by a 5 year old. Had I attempted a wink I probably would have instead ended up flexing one of my butt cheeks.

Third eye contact. It's that damn smile again. I have no idea what I did this time, but it most likely was goofy. I think I was taking another sip of my coffee when it happened; amazingly, some catastrophic event did not befall me, my coffee miraculously stayed in the cup, and my shirt miraculously stayed white.

Fourth eye contact. Holy crap you're REALLY beautiful. I start to make a move to put down my book so I can walk down to stairs and talk to you. 0.87 seconds later the tiny part of my brain which controls shyness stages a complete mutiny and I am reduced to blushing, picking my book back up, and pretending like that page I'm reading is really, really, really freaking interesting.

I think you started to give up by this point, because eye contact was not established again for at least another minute while you waited for your bus. Another minute.... a torturous, tantalizing, thousand of thoughts rushing through my head, curse my shyness minute. And then the bus arrived to take you away.

I thought I was in the clear, I thought I had escaped this one unscathed as you stepped on the bus with your back to me and paid the driver. But then... just as it pulled away... you flashed that one last beautiful smile from inside sitting at the window, that one last gorgeous smile that ruined my day.

Damn you.

I have stewed.

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