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In our email conversations, you seemed to be an okay guy, if perhaps one with a little too much time on his hands, so I just wanted to let you know that someone is using your identity. I hear it's a common crime these days.

You know how we were supposed to meet for lunch last week? In any case, I showed up, and this guy showed up in your place. I know that it wasn't you because he was significantly older than you in your photo. I mean, I know that you were wearing a cap in your photo but I could still see your hair and I'm pretty sure it wasn't grey, and you know perhaps the shadow of the brim did fall a bit on your face but you didn't look so wrinkled - so I am quite certain that it wasn't you at that restaurant. Furthermore, you had told me that you were ""ruggedly handsome" and "outgoing," and this particular man was neither of those things. And as far as being "very physically fit," well, this guy had kind of a potbelly and what looked like, underneath his button-up polo tucked into his belted slightly too-high jeans, rather slim and soft arms. So I know it wasn't you.

This guy clearly has access to your email accounts as he immediately recognized me from the photo I sent you. It was a little frightening for me, truth be told. I was expecting a pleasant meal with an active and adventurous 30ish guy who enjoyed the city lifestyle and liked dogs and somehow I ended up babbling about the weather with an awkward, somewhat prissy 50ish guy. So, you may want to change your password or install some kind of security on your computer to avoid this type of thing again.

By the way, I don't think you need to worry about him using your credit cards and charging up large bills as he is an apparently thrifty guy. He didn't offer to pay for my $7 lunch, and he undertipped the waitress. I had to sneak another dollar on the table for him.

I just thought you might want to be aware of this so that you can prevent it from happening again.

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