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favorite this post I actually *approached* someone instead of leaving it as a MC, and:

Yes, I took the advice of the many individuals who indignantly shrieked (well, as much as you can shriek via the internet, I suppose), "Why don't you just TALK to the person you're interested in instead of skulking around on the Cragislist hoping they'll find your post???"

So I was walking around in Penn Station this morning and walked by a cop. Yes, a cop. Yes, I know it was stupid to approach a COP to try to pick him up, but from my peripheral vision, he was about 6'2", solidly built, dark haired, and had a happy drooling German Shepherd K-9 unit with him. I can't resist men with dogs! Especially hot men in uniform.

So of course, in typical shy girl fashion, I walked by him, turned around pretending to admire his doggy, caught his eye and smiled. I started to walk towards the A train platform, stopped, went to Starbucks to muster up the balls to talk to Hot Cop.

I chickened out, finished my soy latte on the A train by the time I got to 14th Street. On the train, I was trying to put together the title to my MC post:
"Cop with doggy at Penn Station?"
"Cute Asian girl wants hot cop action"
"Anyone know this guy?" with an attached MSPaint drawing of the man of my dreams.

I realized this was ridiculous, so I got on the uptown train, went back to Penn Station, and walked up to him. He was on his walkie talkie. As I approached him, he said, "Oh my shit, it's the hot girl, she's coming up to me now!"

I pretended not to hear that. I said,
"Can I ask you something?"
"What's that?"
"UhhhhhhhhHHH..... uhmmm (obviously I had NOT thought this through).. Are you married?"

Oh god. What was I thinking??

He still had the walkie talkie up to his ear and said into it,
"Hold on, she just asked me if I'm MARRIED. I'll talk to you later dude."
"Don't tell me that was your WIFE," I winked.
"No no, I'm not married! Ha ha ha!"
"Oh okay so.. uh.. I usually don't do this kind of stuff so.."

The conversation was so fucking painfully strained. I was sweating from the mugginess in the station and from sheer nervousness. Also, up close, I realized that he wasn't about 25, but probably in his later 20's/early 30's. He also looked much more intense (think: caffeine overload, sleep deprived, bloodshot eyes) than I originally had thought. Still hot, but.... eh.

So he politely asked me about my job, where I was from, etc., and all he said was, "I'll be here all day today and tomorrow," without any indication that he was interested in getting/giving a phone number.

Which is fine.

But my point is, maybe it IS better to leave MC's! Not that I condone the slightly unstable folks who pine away at complete strangers for months and months on end, as hopeless as they are clueless. But maybe we're all hooked on MC's because we're in this fantasyland where people are better looking than they really are, we're not flat out rejected -- and we like this fantasyland.

Plus it spares us from the sweaty, nervous-laughter conversations that follow the awkward introductions, especially if one/both of the people involved are working. If by chance the person DOES see the MC, one is more likely to be successful at playing it a little cooler through emails.

But most of all, MC's give us this safety buffer for our emotional bullshit. No one really gets hurt if the wanted party never responds, because fuck it all -- it's just the internet.

Makes, sense, right?

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