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Last night, I ended up leaving the Firm at 1:30 am.

Within minutes, I reached the steps of my walk-up, in a rather fashionable part of Manhattan. A good-looking blond, holding a big bag (of food?), snuck up to my side. At first, I thought he and I were neighbors. Instead, he said, "I have an extra gyro with me, would you like to share it with me?"

He was british so I couldn't understand him fully the first time, especially given the bizarre context of his speech. "Excuse me?" "I have an extra gyro with me, would you like to share it with me?" Gyro Man repeated.

There is no mistake this second time around: he wanted me to eat his gyro.

I get hit on, complimented, rudely approached and/or asked out at least 3 dozen times a day. It's nothing new to me. But, nobody, and I mean NOBODY has ever used this "gyro" line on me. WTF?!

Sure young chap, I just billed 15 hours today. But, that's okay. The night is still young. I'm in the mood to party. Why don't you come up to my nice apartment and let me eat your gyro?

It was 1:36 am. What the fuck was he thinking?!?!?! He was good looking and "charming." I wonder if women actually respond to him. Then what? Under the pretext of sharing gyros, invite him up and have lameass irish soccer boy sex with this dude? WTF? People are such freaks.

I was, kinda, amused.

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