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My facebook archive

I decided to cut out the middle man and sell my facebook data directly. By purchasing my facebook archive you can check out what I like, what I love and what makes me cry and market your products and political organizations to me more accurately. Furthermore, you can know who my friends are, which ones I follow and which ones I mute. You can see how far I got in mafia wars and my high score in bubble bobble. How well did I do on that math puzzle that's driving the internet crazy? Find out by purchasing my facebook data! Here is just a sample of the data you will receive when you purchase my facebook archive:

My family lives in Arizona and they have guns!
I was born in Los Angeles but I don't live there anymore!
I posted a picture of the ribs I made one weekend in Hightstown, NJ!
I've been to Great Adventure!

And much much more! Don't miss out on your opportunity to market to me and possibly manipulate my political decision. Act now, this is a limited time offer (because I assume craigslist will take down this ad).

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