Originally Posted: 2005-03-23 4:30pm

favorite this post To the Lady that Prays into My Voice Mail

Woman (or Mujer to you), I know you are calling for a Mr. Arroyo when you leave a 7 minute message of Spanish prayer in voicemail encouraging me to read my bible. We have a few problems here. 1- the voicemail obviously says that my name is not Hecotr Arroyo 2- my voicemail is in English while your entire Biblical rant is in Spanish 3- this has happened 3 or 4 times now 4- While the thought behind your prayer is nice, the prosthelatizing is not appreciated Please stop calling! Also Mr. Arroyo, if you are reading this, sorry I haven't gotten the names right but.... Someone has gotten out of jail, you've had a school reunion, you also apparently have some unpaid debts, someone else called for bail from jail, a couple people wanted to see you while they were in town (didn't get the number, they were calling from a supermarket payphone at 3:15am), and a woman I can only assume was a mistress or jaded girlfriend has called for both you and your wife, Oh and some Spanish woman prayers for your soul and wants you to read your bible. Sincerely, The Dude with your old phone number this is in or around 201

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