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favorite this post Is your mother Joan Crawford?

Is your mother Joan Crawford? Have you spent your entire life abused, yelled at, and just plain old mistreated because of her capricious, violent nature? Well, here's your chance at revenge. Due to an inspired bout of spring cleaning, I have in my possesion a LARGE quantity of wire hangers. Probably 30 or 40, maybe more. Can you imagine her reaction when she gets home to find all of her clothes, so carefully arranged before she left for her hair appointment, all hung on wire hangers, with the attendant shoulder nipples and wrinkles? I don't think you understand how cathartic it would be.

Best of all, this lot of wire hangers is FREE FREE FREE!! All you have to do is pick them up in Hoboken. If no one claims them in 48 hours, they're going to my local dry cleaner's place.

This is the perfect opportunity to get Mommy Dearest back for all of her years of mistreatment. Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance!

P.S. I'm funny, tall, single, male and have a good job. If you would like to date me, you can do that, as well. You don't even have to take the hangers.

this is in or around Hoboken

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