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favorite this post Because Men are Such Visual Creatures

Some people say I look like:

Hipster boys say I look like:

Youíre going to have to decide for yourself.

I like to:

If youíre a gourmand, you wonít be disappointed. The creepy chefís smiling because even he knows Iím a damn good cook.

Iím vicious on the tennis court. If I were better, Iíd say I was Sid Vicious on the tennis court, but Iím a novice, so Iím more like Johnny Rotten.

I also like to:

I also have much longer hair than Jennifer Tilly, Bjork, or this cartoon character.

I donít support the Olympic Games in NYC Ė ever. Every damn day I run up subway steps in 3 inch heels, dodge pedestrian traffic, navigate intersections, and jump over puddles (again with the 3 inch heels). No one gets a medal before I do.

I would proudly wear this button:

Though, Iím not a Republican either. I just like buttons that steal concepts from beer slogans. Especially for politics. That is so cool. By the way, Anheuser Bush is one of the biggest lobbying groups that give more money to the Dems. Way to go Republicans! Youíre cleverer than you know.

I canít believe I voted for Chirac only to watch him eat French fries. Say what you will about Bush, but Clinton never convinced Jacques Chirac to eat French fries in France with him.

Is my favourite movie of all time. I also like:

If you think this is the height of French cinema,

then you should. . .

I like books, even the ones without pictures.

I tend however not to read in full make up and elaborate outfits while being photographed. Sorry.

But enough about meÖ

I am not looking for a:

or a

But maybe a boy who would read this book and laugh so hard heíd kick the end of his coffee table with his cowboy boots, therefore knocking his trucker hat on to the floor.

If you do not immediately recognize the next two images, I am not the girl for you.

You should NOT recognize the next image:

But itís okay if you do, as long as you can laugh at the next.

If youíre going to email me for the sole purpose of:

to ask me for my underwear
to show me your penis a la *.jpg, *. bmp, or *.gif
to tell me Iím a bitch with a laundry list
to tell me youíre married but thereís just no more passion
or to ask me if Iíve ever entertained peeing on someone. . .

this is in or around along the "L"

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