Originally Posted: 2005-03-04 2:56pm

favorite this post Time Warner Cable: I got all day

In the time it takes me to cancel Time Warner cable, I've managed to:

-Read all the top stories on yahoo news
-Read every major CL city's RnR for the past few days
-Make some coffee
-Do yesterday's dishes
-Take out the trash
-Watch sportscenter
-Take a shit
-Brush my teeth
-Make out this month's rent check and mail it
-Get a slice and eat it
-Pickup my laundry
-Put away my laundry
-Chat with 3 friends on IM
-Compose a three paragraph cover letter
-Write an email to an old reference
-Burn 2 CDs
-Name that annoying classical tune blaring while I'm on hold (Liebestraum)
-Post this on CL

And I'm still on hold. Time Warner, you can't match my kung fu style. I got all day, motherfuckers.

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