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Sunday I placed an ad around 11pm (I included the photo below, you may recognize it).
Yesterday around 6pm my ad got flagged. I don't know why, but it's fine.
In between I got about 280 replies and I thought it might be wise to give you some feedback.

Most of you guys are afraid of picture collectors and spam. And I can understand that's a serious concern. However, if you think an ad is spam or by someone collecting pictures, don't write an e-mail saying "you real???".
What do you expect me to do, write back "am real". Sorry, won't do that because before I know it I'll be getting 10 e-mails a day from 280 different guys. So if you don't get a reply, that does not mean that I'm not real, it simply means that I don't have time to e-mail you back. If you are too concerned about spam and picture collectors, there is one very simple sollution: DON'T RESPOND TO ANY AD.

Some other things that irritated me:
- replies that say "you send picture first", "show me" or "i sent pic if you sent pic" (never mind the grammar). First of all, I DID include a picture in my ad, so now it's your turn. Second, even if I didn't include a picture, you may want to include a picture in your first e-mail because this is CL and I am a woman and you are a man, which implies that I get 280 replies.
- replies that only send cock pictures. Guys, I'm a sucker for a nice, big cock (literally and methaphorically), but I'd like to see your face too. So please send either only a face picture or a face and a dick picture.
- please mention your age in your reply. I mentioned mine and even though I didn't ask for yours, it should be standard procedure to include your age.
- then there are replies that make demands. Simple: don't do that. Unless it is a demand like "will only fuck with condoms".
- replies that make weird propositions, like offering me money (thanks, how flattering...) or asking me to marry you. My ad was in "casual encounters" not in "erotic services" or "ltr".
- replies showing off how rich you are or how successful you are. I'm not interested in that, I thought this was all about NSA sex, right?
- replies in which I am called a "dirty whore" (I didn't want the money, remember?) or a "short cock slut" (thanks again for the compliment, especially if it's coming from someone three inches shorter than me, but probably you were not referring to me being a short slut who sucks cock, but to you wanting your short cock to be sucked by a slut. Two seemingly similar things, but a world of difference. I do like to suck cock, but am neither short nor a whore; your cock however was anything but big).
- replies from guys offering me the opposite of what I'm looking for, because "maybe you'd like something else for a change". If I did, I would have posted asking for something else, wouldn't you think so?
- replies with a picture of a bunch of guys without letting me know which one is you.
- replies with a picture which is old. One guy replied twice with a picture of which he said he is now 20 lbs less heavy. So why not send me an "after" picture?
- replies from guys who say their picture is too large for CL. Resize it. If you can't do it, I doubt that you can resize your cock in the right direction.
- guys who say CL does not allow any pictures to be send. When was that? In 1994?
- one-liners. No matter how cute you are or how big your cock is, I don't like one-liners and I don't think any other girl does.
- Forwarded messages.
- Messages that have been sent to a dozen ads at the same time. Even though we all know you were not waiting for me specifically and most of you will fuck anything with a pussy out there, it's still impolite to send your message to many ads at the same time.
- Guys who don't reply when I send a message back.
- Guys who are overly suspicious when I write back and say that "you can't be real". Why not? And why did you reply in the first place?
- Guys that reply a day after I replied. If you want to have a fuck on CL, you'd better check your e-mail.
- Guys that can't meet when you like to even though you specified a meeting time in your ad. There are 279 guys I can choose from.
- Guys that have "loser" written all-over them.
- Guys that made the same joke as a dozens other guys.
- Guys that are not in New York.
- Guys who ask me for my race preference. I could write back that human races strictly speaking don't exist and that there is only the human race, but that would be pushing it a bit too far in this superconservative country wouldn't it?

Of course, a number of replies sparked my interest, and I have either already replied to you or have kept your e-mail for a possible future encounter. THERE IS NO NEED TO REPLY TO THIS AD AGAIN. If you want to show your appreciation for all the suggestions, you can always nominate me for best of.

And then there were some replies that I really enjoyed:
- a reply from a virgin. Sweet. If you would have had "the looks" I would have picked you and I could have showed you a thing or two.
- replies from guys showing their big dicks with a girl sucking on it. Some girls may find that offensive, but I enjoyed it. I've always thought bj pix are cool. If any of you would like to share those type of pix with me, go ahead! But don't be small please and don't send me any internet porn. I've got internet too you know. But if you want to show off the skills of your ex gf, be my guest.
- replies from couples. Nice idea, but not what I was looking for yesterday, maybe another time.
- guys who wanted to cook for me (I mentioned in my ad that I still needed dinner). Sweet.
- guys who were witty and made jokes that were not made by any of the other guys. But please don't try this strategy if this is not your thing.
- guys who give compliments that are more original than "sexy pic baby" or "yo you nice holla back at me".

You made it to the end: congradulations! Now please improve your replying behavior.


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