Originally Posted: 2004-11-25 22:15 (no longer live)

Grilled Cheese for Virgin Mary Fans

Well with last months election results and the over saturated market of complete morons in this country, was anyone really shocked to hear that some hack sold a grilled cheese sandwich for 28K online yesterday?! Just when you think people could not get any dumber, people reset the bar!!! Well for all you special people, do I have a deal for you... You see my girlfriend and I went to the store to buy some groceries tonight and bread just happened to be on our list. I popped two slices in the toaster and boy was I delighted at what I saw. It must have been the hand of God (or a really sharp knife) because suddenly there was a message on both sides of my very own grilled cheese sandwich. At that exact moment the dog started to bark. I recognized the bark to be Morse code. Wolfie proceeded to tell me that this was the overwhelming consensus message from the world to all of those who bid on the grilled cheese and it was my responsibility to put it online for sale. You see, all of those people who lost out on the bidding have now become cursed. The only way to break the curse is to buy the new grilled cheese to repent for the sins of devaluing the original sandwich. I am told that the new sandwich contains the winning lotto numbers to some lotto somewhere in the country. I couldn't decipher which lotto it is or when the lotto is taking place, but Wolfie says just keep playing and eventually you will win. And if that isn't enough, I was told that there is an intense code provided deep within these numbers. A word that defines you. So in conclusion, those who lost out, bid hard, and bid fast. It's a crazy world out there and money will do you no good. On judgment day, those who hold the grilled cheese hold the power. (Your winning sandwich will be placed in a box with cotton balls, because we all know that cotton balls prevent food from spoiling. Praise the lord and happy bidding!)

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