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favorite this post MC with seat-hogging dickhead - with PICS!

We both strolled across the platform at Queensboro Plaza to get on the N train bound for Ditmars. Here is a diagram of the train car we walked into:
There was a man that had followed me on the train that frantically rushed toward the open seats, which were the only ones unoccupied. I figured I would let him sit down, since it seemed to be such an emergency, and I would take the other seat once he had settled. Wrong. You decided that your backpack and plastic bag needed the rest more than we did. You set a bag down on each seat, then walked to the pole in the middle. You didn't even sit down where your bags were!

What.the.fuck? The only thing that pisses me off more is that I didn't say anything to you. Or that I didn't kick you in the shin. The only thing saving my sanity was secretly taking pictures of you with my camera phone.
If you see this man:

Kick him in the shins like I should have. Please!

this is in or around N to Ditmars

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