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Full disclosure: My sister and I are joined at the breast bone. We share a liver. She is a neo-conservative. I am unaffiliated politically. I am voting for Kerry and so is my sister (I am the dominant twin).
I need a date for a haloween party on 10/30. I don't normally date (its complicated and I work long hours) but my sister is bringing a date and I do what she does. The party is in greenpoint. My sister will be masquerading as a sexy nun (she is catholic). I am dressing up as a single stalk of asparagus (i renounced my catholicism and I am vegan).
I am hoping to go to the party with an attractive man because my sister's date is gross. She likes him because he is a body builder. I think body-builders smell bad and are very vain. I have a fetish for men who can apply stories easily to the paradigm of the hero's journey.
Please do not write if you have no opinion about energy policy. If I have a turn-off it is certain to be people who just CONSUME oil without even thinking about it (like my sister). We have a real problem here, boys, and it is up to US to fix it.
It would be nice if you could send a picture. And please tell me what your costume will be. Or you can send a picture of yourself in costume.
Thank you for reading. God bless America!

this is in or around Brooklyn

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