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Lost 5 dollar bill

I was performing a magic trick that was going to make a 5 dollar bill appear in my buddy's wallet. I already owed him some money from when my last magic trick accidentally knocked one of his tooth out. So at least I knew if I did this trick right, I'd owe him $5 less than I already did for dental bills.

Here's the problem: The cash didn't end up in his wallet -- It ended up in one of yours instead. I did some investigating and it turns out the fiver ended up in the wallet of someone in the New York area. Not only did my trick fail but I'm also out $5 now which is a lot of money for an amateur magician in this economy.

Please check your wallet to see if you have an extra $5. If so it's probably mine. Maybe you've had a couple of drinks and aren't sure how many 5 dollar bills you had to begin with. Again, it's probably mine so before you sober up and have to deal with the shame and guilt of not doing the right thing immediately, you'll want to mail it to :


And after I receive my $5, I will not ask any questions about how or why you intercepted my magic trick

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