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I am having a going away party because I am leaving to study abroad in Japan for one year. I wanted to go out with a bang, and am trying to put together a ridiculous and fun engagement.

I need someone who is MUSCULAR, and is willing to dress in Dragon Ball Z attire for 2-3 hours holding trays of appetizers. Trays shall be held as if you were going to release a massive power attack (see attachment for example).

I cannot afford that much since I am saving most of my money to go to Japan. What I can't pay I can make up for in free food and a good time. Since I will be staying overseas for so long, I need to save as much money as I can; most of the entertainment and features of my party are going to be obtained through friends and family, so it won't cost me much.

I am reaching out to those who have kind hearts who will do this at minimal cost to me in order to help me retain my money so that I don't go broke in Asia, but also so that I can leave America with a memorable experience.
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