Originally Posted: 2004-10-06 12:00pm

favorite this post Bonobo Chimp seeks mate /w PIC

Open minded person with love for back hair. High ceilings and climbable furnishings. I would prefer group sex, considering at home the whole family joins in. Anything goes, 420 OK!

I am a Bonobo Chimp, you can call me a monkey also, I am open minded. I will gladly hump anything warm. I am clean but leave many stains so plastic wrap your bed. I am jobless but receive benefits from the state. I only own a twig from the tree I use to hump in, which I use as a hobo bag with a red and blue handkerchief. In this bag I carry my diapers and wipes. I eat only dried fruit, nuts, and berries.
Thank you,

this is in or around Lower East Side

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