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My cat will not eat hipster cat food

My cat and I just moved to Greenpoint.
She used to eat whatever crap cat food I found at the supermarket and loved it.
Now that it seems like I have an endless amount of hipster pet stores in close
proximity to me hawking every kind of hipster pet food product on the market,
I thought it was time to upgrade what I was feeding her.

Long story short, that bitch is refusing to eat any of it.
Apparently this food is too hipster for her,
unless I suppose she thinks it's cool to refuse to eat it,
and in that case would make her too hipster for the food.

Whatever the reason, I have:
One 7 lbs bag of Blue Buffalo Co Mature Healthy Aging hipster cat food
One can of wet hipster cat food
One packet of some kind of "just add water" hipster cat food

I will be putting out at the corner of [intersection] on Saturday 4/19 at 10am.
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