Originally Posted: 2004-08-04 3:05pm

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I have one (1) free Super Stretchy Real Rubber Rubberband that needs a good home.

After several straight weeks of benign neglect, my rubber band has finally grown weary of its futile life here under the sterile fluorescent lighting of my cubicle, in this staple and paperclip biassed office. Not wanting to stifle the true potential of any existence, I have decided to set my rubberband free of the smothering bonds which hold me here in the purgatory of this office space oblivion. And so...

Free to the first person who responds with a mailing address, I have one healthy, medium-thick rubberband with a whole lot of life yet to give to a caring new owner. Please help give this innocent and hard working elastic the life of usefulness, adventure and dare I say purpose that it so sorely deserves, even if only by inviting it on the epic journey of traveling, in an envelope, to your worthy hands.

Thank you for your time, and to the lucky person who responds the quickest: my (no, your) rubberband thanks you for fulfilling the promise of its existence.

this is in or around the cubicle ghetto

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