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My dinner whore story... I met a very attractive young lady, who happened to be a friend of an acquaintance. We talked, hit it off and before I left we exchanged numbers. We spoke on the phone a few times, and scheduled a date. She wanted to do something simple, like go to starbucks and then walk and talk in central park. I thought that sounded like a good idea, so we met up. We ended up staying in the park for hours, talking, laughing and eventually kissing. It got late, and we were both starting to get hungry so I asked if she wanted to go and get something to eat. She had a restaurant in mind, and it was a place I hadn't been... So remembering the Gap Jacket Guy story, I was on alert. The place was actually a cool little spot that had very reasonably priced food. Not what I expected. So, we ordered a glass of wine while we waited to be seated, and the whole time I was waiting for the dinner whore to expose herself. We ordered food, and she only ordered two appetizers. It doesn't take a lot to get her full. Then, she started... ordering more wine. All in all she had 4 glasses of wine, at a price of *get this* $4 a glass.

What the fuck? Did she think I was some asshole? She was going to get tipsy off of a bottle of wine and expect me to pay for it? As I was finishing my meal, I was trying to plan my escape. I didn't have a gap jacket, but a leather jacket that I really like and I wasn't ready to leave that on the chair. Plus it was a little chilly outside. Anyway... before I knew it, the waiter brought us the check. Apparently through all of the laughing and talking we closed the place... And that is when Dinner Whore strikes. She reaches for the bill. Yeah, right... like she really wanted to pay. I grabbed the bill and was already pissed off that I was getting taken advantage of like this. She kept trying to take out money to pay for her share... but I knew it was only a dinner whore jedi mind trick. So, I paid the $50 bucks and went outside. There she started hugging and kissing me. We must have stayed out there for another half of an hour kissing, and the whole time I was fuming b/c dinner whore was really trying to fuck me over. That bullshit was too much for me to take, so finally I left. I walked her home and we kissed again at her door, and then she asked if I wanted to come up for one more drink. LAST STRAW. FUCK THAT. I wasn't going to keep being played for a fool, so I fucking said "no thanks dinner whore I won't keep being your walking meal ticket" and left.

She was shocked. Score one for me, the dinner whore avenger.

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