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favorite this post a MC Manifesto for New York City

BROTHERS AND SISTERS of the missed connection. It is a weary, used up world and a cruel, uncaring city. We deserve so much better than this, for are we not the torch-bearers of the human spirit?

So let's all say this little vow out loud together. If you need the extra commitment, repost with the text "I do"

I, [say your name here], an avowed reader and poster of missed connections, do hereby solemnly swear...

... to smile at attractive strangers on the subway, forgoing the irresistible urge to stare at the "Dr. Z" ad for 14 local stops.

... to smile back if anyone attractive smiles at me, and to make a concerted effort to not roll my eyes or extend a middle finger if someone unattractive smiles at me.

... to speak to someone with whom I have been exchanging goofy smiles after a MAXIMUM of 7 minutes.

... to be civil to anyone who speaks to me, regardless of whether they fall into the category of gender, age, build, race or smell that I prefer.

... to understand when someone is giving me the sign that I do not fall into those categories for them. This point is key.

... that I will never expose my limp penis to anyone on the 7 train ever again. [this may not apply to everyone, but you can't be too careful]

Thank you, my people, and best of luck to you.

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