Originally Posted: 2004-05-24 7:59pm

favorite this post MC with Oral B...you disgust me!

As in, guy with toothbrush and plastic bag on the downtown R train around 3:30...I really needed to find you and tell you this.

I hope you realize that I came {yeaclose} to dry heaving all the way to Whitehall Street after watching you muck out your oral cavity on the subway. I mean, who the fuck does that?! I mean, ok sometimes we run out of time and must apply makeup or do whatever on the train.However... NEWSFLASH! - there is no running water (or even a sink) on the subway. Nope. So needless to say, I felt a little disbelief when I saw you take out a toothbrush and toothpaste. Then you removed something yellow from your jaw (god only knows), put it in a plastic bag and started in on those teeth. Yes, Mr. Oral Hygiene, that's a good way to make it through your next dental exam, except that nobody on that train wanted to think about the goobers sloshing around in your mouth as we bumped into Prince St. But you couldn't leave us without the grand finale. I was sitting there feeling that "oh shit i'm gonna gag" sensation welling up in the back of my throat thinking about how you were probably gonna swallow that wad of minty foam and god knows what else, then you pulled out that plastic bag and just yoofed right into it! I was trying not to look but it was like a trainwreck about to occur and niether or nor the other passengers could peel our eyes from the mess happening before our eyes.

Yeah, nothin' says lovin' like a wad of saliva on the R Train! At least you had the decency to use the bag instead of the floor. What really amazed me was that you actually had other stuff in that bag. I don't know quite what but you'd tied it off and were depositing your loogies in the now-upper portion, so I hope you have a grand old time getting down to whatever you secured in the bottom of the bag. So, when you finally put away your (un-rinsed) toothbrush and hock bag, I can't tell you the gigantic rush of minty fresh relief that ran over me and everyone else around you as you got off the train.
Jerkface...find a damned sink next time!

this is in or around R Train

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