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How a nice guy got even at the end. My CL date story

Well, I am a single guy a very cool guy down to earth and no secret agendas. I put an ad on Craigs list looking for a date, and got a response from a girl who said she was single too and looking for a date for the weekend. We talk on he phone and she was all cool and everything, I asked her if she wanted to grab coffee and a snack and then go to the movies this Saturday night. So we decide to meet at this place called Bari Cafe, and I figure we can have coffee and eat something there. She looked very nice but I noticed that she was very cold about the way she introduced herself once she met me. Notice that I am not a ugly guy, I might not be a Greek God, but I am a normal decent in shape guy. I figure she might've been shy, the first thing she said is that she was hungry and asked me if I didn't mind going to a restaurant.

I figured why not , so we get out of there and walk a few blocks and she picks this restaurant. I don't know the name but it looks like a very fancy restaurant and then she goes down with me and orders some Merlot and then another and some appetizers that were a little pricey , I was confused about all this, because even though I have the money to pay for all this , I was not planning on taking a stranger to a fancy restaurant right out on our first date. She is still cold and talking only about herself and I noticed that she was not interested in me, but only on the drinks and the food. So we get to the main course and she gets a pricey entree, and I got something too, but I knew that I was going to be stuck with the bill. I knew it becasue she said she was out of work and having a problem finding a job, so I know she was not going to split the bill with me.

I was upset about the whole thing, and to be honest I am tired to be taken advantage off. I got up and told her that I was going to make a phone call, she knew I was going to come back because I left my Gap jacket, ( i bought it on sale for $23 dollars ) , so she never suspected I was going to dissapear because I left my jacket there.

So I go out and tell the guy at the entrance that I am going out to smoke an make a phone call. I got out and headed straight to the train. I left that girl with my food and her food. Well, I got home and my voice mail was inundated with her phone calls, the girl had to pay the bill which came to $180 dollars , and she did not have money and she said that I did not have class and that I should send her the money , she left many nasty messages trying to get her money back from me. She ended up paying the bill with a credit card and all I lost was a cheap Gap Jacket that I got on sale.

I am not an ashole I figure that if you don't like me at least let's have a nice time as friends but don't treat me like I am an idiot. I don't feel bad for what I did.

Although I lost a Jacket, I still don't lose hope that there are nice girls out there for me.

Thanks for hearing my story,

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