Originally Posted: 2004-04-01 13:55 (no longer live)

Goodbye Williamsburg- it just isn't working for me.

I am sorry that it has come to this, well not really sorry, it is time though.
We need to have a little chat about the way you have been behaving lately and how it has impacted upon our relationship. This is hard for me, but it needs to be done.
Williamsburg, I am leaving you. I can't take you anymore. You are too hipstered up for me. I can't stand you like that. And you just seem to be getting younger and younger. I am growing up and you are really grating on me with your fresh out of college ways. I know that transition from the days staying up all night and partying is hard, and really I don't blame you, you are predominantly in your early 20's and I, dear dear Williamsburg- am 32. It is an age thing I guess, but it is more than that.
I can't work out what you are doing most of the time. Somedays you seem really friendly and fun, and then other times you are just SO MEAN. You tend to switch on and off. I go into Verb and it is a coin toss as to whether I will be served coffee with a smile or will be ignored. You try my patience, why can't you just make up your mind and stick to it. If you were constantly mean, then maybe I would grow to love it- but it is the on/off that I can't stand.
Why do you wear such silly clothes? Why do you have to prance about like a fucking deer in a glen? Why can't you, Williamsburg, just walk up the street like a normal person? You know, I don't care if you are dressed in Imitation of Christ, or Imitation of Imitation of Christ- just please realise LIFE IS NOT A CATWALK! Williamsburg? Billy? Can you hear me?
I know you have been stealing from me too Williamsburg. I know that you charge to much for rent and then laugh at me when I am eating ramen noodles for dinner. I don't want to be a waif like you Williamsburg. Please, please Williamsburg get help for yourself. The bulimia is tearing you up inside. You are starting to reek of decay.
The drugs Billy! The drugs are a problem for me too... listen, I know you dress all 80's and stuff- but please leave the 80's there. Polo shirts are okay, but Williamsburg- please if not for me then for yourself- get off the slopes. Ski season is OVER!
Well Williamsburg, I guess that's it.
It is not really about me. It is about you.
I just want out babe, I am sorry. I can't do it anymore. My life with you is like a fucking Nan Goldin photo. No more of your junkies asleep in my hallways. No more of your twits prattling on about the genius of the 1st album by Duretti Column. No more of you for me.
Please do not follow me to my new place Williamsburg. Please, please.... just.. let ... me ...live MY LIFE.

Oh and your Dad called, he says the trust has dried up and you need to get a job.

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