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Originally Posted: 2003-12-05 02:02

Fucking Cousins (I did it)

Ok, so I fucked my first cousin on my Dad's side. It was my 19th Bday and he was 21 just like my sis. We hadn't seen each other in over 10 yrs. He moved back from his Mom's in AZ (they divorced earlier dividing the kids) and asked my Uncle (his Dad) what my sister and I had been up to since we were close in age. He then told him to call my Dad (who then informed him it was my 19th Bday and I was having a party at my friends house) and how cool it would be if he just showed to up surprise me.

I had just moved in with my HS bf at the time that was away on a surf trip. So my gf and her bf threw me a party at their place. I was drinking, smoking dancing etc when my cuz showed up. He was smoking hot! Total moto cross tan hottie ripped guy! My friends were like "Damn, your cousin is hotttttt!!" I had to agree. I was 8 when I saw him last and not even a hint of puberty had hit. Now I was busty and firm and sassy and a woman. He noticed right away. He stayed and most of my friends hit on him and he flirted back etc.

The party went on until late and as ppl were talking about where they were going to go and crash etc when the host of the party (my friend) said her boyfriend got some coupon for a free night at this hotel with a spa etc and would I want to go and sleep there for fun? So I said yes and my cousin asked if he could crash at the apt since no one would be there. My friend and her bf told him to just come along. So he did....

We get to the hotel and smoke a joint and break out some bubbly.. Check out all the cool shit in the room, walk around the spa, go in the sauna etc and I am starting to get a little woozy from the booze and heat so I told my friend I was going back to the room. She offered to help and her man got all whiney cuz he saw it as an opportunity to get some ass. My cousin said he had to piss and he would walk me back then return to chill with my friends.

We get back, he goes to the bathroom. I take my bra and panties off (my impromptu suit) I dry off and crawl in the bed in just my shirt. He comes out and says that he feels tired too. He says that we should probably just sleep together since my friend and her bf are a cpl and that we probably aren't going to be sleeping boy boy girl girl. He takes his boxers off (wet suit) lay them over the tub.

He crawls into the bed with me and I am facing away. I feel his body heat and notice he is getting hard. I feel so freaked out. Fuck, it's my cousin! Maybe he is just drunk and it's a reflex? Maybe... But I find myself feigning having to reposition so I can back my ass up just a little closer to him. We do not say ANY thing. I get so fucking worked up in my mind. Thinking all kinds of bad shit. Nasty stuff. He starts breathing funny. It felt like we were screaming at each other as loud as we could in our heads but unable to utter any sound.

Out of the blue he jams his cock in my pussy. I mean jams it in. Unbelievable No hand guidance nothing. He knew my pussy would be wet I guess. NO condom. One clean straight shot. I was freaking out thinking "OMG no condom, we'd have retarded kids, my family would puke, my bf would freak, this is hot, I'm a whore, fuck this is sooo HOT" etc... I am going thorugh all of this shit in my head and getting and he is pumping away from behind (on my side remember?) and my friend and her bf walk in. FUCK!

IMMEDIATELY he starts laughing and pushes me saying "Ok ok, I'll stop tickling you if you stop farting".. His cock STILL in me! Lolol My friends were like "Um.. ok.. We were wondering what you guys were doing!" We all laughed hard. It was pulled off but not very well.

In the morning we went back got in our cars and drove away. He called and said he had to talk to me about "what happened last night". I let a week go by because my bf had come back home and I felt guilty and gross. I couldn’t tell anyone! I told my bf that my cuz moved back to town and he said, “ That’s great I want to meet him! So I went to see him.
He was living in some tricked out motor home on my Uncles construction biz lot. I went inside and we smoked a little and began talking. He started by saying he hoped my friends didn't know etc and then we moved on to talk about how it may affect our families.

I got really horny as we began to talk. He said "Man if our Dad's knew what we were doing they would fucking FREAK!" That sent me over the edge. I grabbed his cock and started the whole perverted act all over. We finished (this time with a condom) and I told him my bf wanted to meet him.

My guilty, Slutty, cheating ass then presented said cousin to said bf and just as you would guess? They were two peas in a pod. Surfing, moto cross riding dudes. Just so happens my bf was the “dope-man” too. So now that my cousin could hang out? He did. Two weeks went by and he visited and nothing happened between us. We hung out with my sis her husband my bf just chilling.

My bf gets a call for “biz” and has to leave for a week. He turns to my cousin and says “I want you to stay here with ****** so I know she will be good while I am gone”….

Uh huh you guessed it perverts and pervettes…

As SOON as we dropped him off at the airport we went back and fucked on my bf’s bed. On the outside, to everyone, we were “normal” cousins. As soon as the front door closed? We fucked. We fucked dirty too. We talked about our families again and how hot and disgusting it all was. Well we fucked like mad but it did catch up with us…

Two days before my bf came home were upstairs in the bathroom getting ready to get into the shower after a fuck-fest. Shower is running, he decides to lick me once more before we step in. Like true dirty girl who would fuck her cousin, I was sitting on the toilet my legs spread with one leg on the bath tub rim and one on the sink rim. Whore. Fucking whore. Anyway.. he is working me like crazy and WTF!!!!!! MY FUCKING SISTER (who is religious, married and 9 mos pregnant) WALKS IN ON US!!!

She totally starts screaming, “What the fuck is THIS? Omg! You guys are so fucking sick! OMG! I can’t even look at you right now! She is TOTALLY freaking out. My cousin is mortified as am I but it is more than clear I will have to handle the situation.

I go to out to my sister (all smelling of incest sex mind you) and tell her “It’s no big deal. Didn’t you see the way Tina and them looked at him? Even YOU said it yourself -H- he IS hot and… we didn’t EVER know him! What’s the big deal” None of my argument stuck and she just said, “ Well, I hope you know this can never happen again now that someone knows. I will not tell –K- because God will judge you well enough”.

My cousin slept in the bed that night and the next but we didn’t have sex or touch. My bf returned and everything seemed “back to normal”. My cousin ended up going on some long European tour I wouldn’t see him until many years later at our Dad’s brother funeral.

He kissed me cordially and I suddenly remembered that even though we fucked like monkeys so many times we had never ONCE kissed. Too intimate I think. How fucked up is that? Now? My cousin was married, expecting his first baby (I wondered if he had told her, or any other lover for that matter) and “born again”. We said how great it was to see each other and that he would email me pictures when their baby was born.

I would not see him yet again until another funeral. This time my Dad’s. He was still married, more kids. He was not as intriguing as in previous years. No. Not this funeral. This time?

My stepbrother and I got plastered and he sought comfort in my bosom let’s just say……

I am a fucking freak and yet somehow totally normal. Sexuality and psychology are so intertwined and interwoven it’s often hard to know what REALLY excites some one. Or. What one can FIND exciting.

This post is fucking long. I’m sorry. But damn it felt great to get it off my chest. I am prepared for the barrage of slanderous backwoods referenced emails.

If not, let me know and I will tell the stepbrother story..

I know it was wrong…..

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