Originally Posted: 2003-11-12 21:07

Thank you letter to the guy who left me stranded in NYC last Saturday

Thank you for:
-- the million emails
-- the hours and hours we spent "connecting" on the phone
-- the thoughtful text messages
-- asking me to quit my job and move to NY
-- and the countless references to my ring size

Oh and while I'm at it, thanks for:
-- sending me the airline ticket
-- picking me up at the airport Saturday morning with flowers
-- telling me that you were IN LOVE with me
-- the trail of rose petals you left on the floor of your apartment leading up to your bed
-- the "princesses walk on rose pedals" shpeel you gave me when I walked through the door (nice touch, albeit corny)
-- and for waiting an acceptable 30 seconds before trying to have sex with me once I got there, knowing that I was dead tired, having been up all night on the flights (plural - I suppose it IS hard to get a direct flight from Los Angeles when you're booking THREE WEEKS in advance).

If not for the combination of these things, I probably wouldn't have felt comfortable letting my guard down and having sex with you...

(and yes, I did make that choice. A silly mistake on my part, but my responsibility nonetheless).

A few post-sex thank yous:

Thank you for:
-- asking about my worst relationship nightmare
-- insisting that I open up to you with regards to the story of my ex-boyfriend (from TEN YEARS AGO) who went nuts after our break-up (a guy that I never got back together with, but chose to forgive some 5 years later as he is living proof that people can change. And I think we've all made mistakes)
-- and informing me that you could "never respect me" for letting him back into my life on any level. [This, of course, being AFTER you told me the story about the violent girl you dated rather recently, the one who hit you upside the head with a 2 by 4 in a jealous rage, the one YOU opted to remain friends with. Ironic, no???

And thanks for:
-- telling me that there was no longer any point in us following through with our plans for that evening
-- misreading my body language and holding it against me
-- and making false assumptions about what was said when I phoned my friend in L.A. (while you were on a business call in the OTHER ROOM).


Thank you for throwing me out of your apartment at 5pm over something this trivial, knowing that I'm not familiar with NYC, that the next flight to L.A. didn't leave until 6:30am, that the hotels I called were all booked, that I only had $20 in my pocket, and that my cell phone battery had just died. Thanks.

And thanks for standing across the street, casually smoking a cig while you watched me pathetically attempt to flag down a cab to no avail as I froze my ass off.


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to spend an entire evening getting better acquainted with the following:

Drag queens, drug users, celebrities, perverts, and a rather twisted guardian angel who only tried to force himself on me once. Ok twice.

Thank you J.

You are a real gentleman.

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