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favorite this post 123 Things I Love About NYC?!

Isn't it ironic that on the second day of the transit strike the New York magazine is delivered to my door with the cover "123 Reasons to Love New York Right Now"?!

Let me start a Transit Strike version of this:
"___ Reasons to "Love" a NYC Transit Strike"

1. Hipster buttcrack on the Wburg bridge
2. Hipsterettes walking in '80's boots on the Wburg bridge
3. Mayor Bloomberg freezing his Republican tuchus off on the Brooklyn Bridge
4. Brooklynites who can't drive with bicyclists on the road
5. All those great 96th Street checkpoints
6. The ultra thorough coverage from all the local stations: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and don't forget NY1!
7. Your face getting chapped
8. You can't feel your toes
9. How many sick days do I have left?
10. What is the average MTA worker's pay, $47,000?
11. Aren't unions supposed to be unified? Is TWU 100 the rogue chapter?
12. Social life? What social life?
13. I never realized how important the G train was, until now.
14. And where does the money from the fines go? They should go to the folks who pay $2 for awful service!
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