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Girlfriend Resume



Girlfriend position with a very intelligent, interesting and attractive man that will allow me to expand career opportunities that were previously formulated as a single person and girlfriend, and hopefully that would allow me to participate in fostering greater understanding between the sexes. Articulate, loyal, intelligent, business-minded, witty and successful (all six would be best) candidates (35-45 age range) are especially encouraged to inquire.

Relationship Experience

Single Woman in London Inc. June 1990 - December 1995

* Participated in a few exclusive relationships of varying time frames with experiences similar to those listed below. Gained invaluable experience in understanding the British psyche and in particular deciphering the intentions of British men who appear to have difficulty communicating their career goals. Perfected the art of hosting a dinner party for 10 at short notice as well as gaining useful experience in logistics management of outdoor dining in a climate-challenged territory. Began initial study on subject of "being introduced" – a British Isles cultural phenomenon essential to the propagation of the tribes indigenous to those islands. Temporarily acquired the habit of extensive alcohol consumption but relocation to the United States meant that this skill is now redundant.

Single Woman in New York Inc. January 1995 – May 1996; September 1998 – to date.

* After relocation adjustment period, experienced first "blind date" (a job interview with drinks) that resulted in some temporary anxiety about suitability of new posting and ability to advance in such a hostile environment. Spent two years commuting back to London pursuing long distance potential career posting which resulted in offer of permanent position. Declined permanent and financially attractive offer due to concerns about work environment and future long-term prospects of lifetime happiness with a tempermental, more senior employer.

* Arranged, managed and accepted inside and outside dates including dinner, drinks, athletic pursuits, sleepovers, international trips, musical and various other cultural activities
* Worked with dates and relationship partners on relationship behavior and co-sponsored participatory activities through the use of extensive conversations, discussions and myriad practical application sessions
* Developed and executed a visionary strategic plan to enjoy life as single, attractive, stable woman including career development, creative pursuits, reading and further study in addition to nurturing strategic partnerships with good friends and familial alliances
* Arranged and expanded life so that dating was not the only concern
* Maintained friendships with other single women, old boyfriends and some new acquaintances

Most recently posted some personal ads at different times which resulted in extensive research concerning new date activities and learning more about male mating behaviour in the U.S. environment.

Serious Girlfriend.com, (DBA as almostgotmarried.com) Inc. June 1996 – September 1998 (Company No Longer in Business)

* Consultant to boyfriend on business, interior decoration, wardrobe, cooking, family relationship issues, mental health, furniture buying, support and emotional entanglements
* Participated in numerous debates including politics, religion, business and toilet seat positions
* Formulated and implemented dating and life plan including extensive trips, breakfasts in bed, high levels of physical contact with and without passionate lovemaking, fun with friends and alone, vacations and how to avoid family "dys-functions"
* Defined boundaries for success as an entity of my own, not the other half of the boyfriend, future husband etc.

Pre-Serious Relationships from Inception - to present time

* Learned how to be a woman in an equal relationship and how to participate as an equal partner. Experienced the negative results of passive-aggressive behavior and other negative emotions at a young age.

Volunteer Activities. Conversation partner for friends and family members (as well as amateur therapist). Light cleaning and ironing (a specialty). Gourmet cooking. Tennis partner. Massages. Adept at love making (warm and tender or wild and passionate), unabashed romping and able to focus on attainment of multiple orgasms (for both partners).

Relevant Education. Prior relationships with other boyfriends with some or all of the experiences listed above. Therapy (graduated 1999 with distinction after six months of intensive study – undertook course due to stress of experiencing SIDS syndrome (Sudden Instant Death) of several close colleagues). Honors graduate of school of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Other. No criminal record. 5’8" (+); 130 (distributed in all the right places) lbs., hazel eyes, brown shoulder length hair. Extremely well dressed (fabulous shoe collection). Articulate. Ability to get on people from all walks of life. Stable personality. Emotionally healthy and available. References available upon request.

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