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help capture rogue

hello this is hamdy bey. i have gone to coney island to dispose of ashes of dead old wizard but when i returned home his robe was again filled with a different laughing wizard.

new wizard does several things.

1) unplugs cell phone during charge and runs video recorder feature idly for hours
2) places my house keys under a pile of conedison bills
3) shouts at mailman
4) stacks cats
5) obscures my shadow with giant novelty lollipop when i emerge to greet my brothers
6) replaced all scrabble letters with F
7) tenses my sensibilities during islam forum
8) writes untoward letters to president of turkish republic of northern cyprus in my name
9) deposits juice box wrappers on my hall so the rustling angers cats and their stack topples
10) howls at moon when it is not in the fullest of states

i would much rather have previous wizard return !!! please help either to capture current wizard or ressurect former. current wizard is subletting disgusting basement apartment. ALL OF ABOVE NOTES SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN BY LEASE AGREEMENT.

  • Location: RIDGE WOOD
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: cat stack

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