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People! Pics are helpful, and also, dude, this is used furniture...

First, pics are important. How can I possibly imagine your lovely, dated, farted upon furniture in my home without a pic. Please don't think that the "Pics are available" sentence in your ad is adequate. It is not. Far from it. If you do not know how to post pics in your ad, ask someone to help you.

Second, it is used furniture, being sold in a recession. Sellers, take the time to assess the price of a new couch/loveseat/recliner/table/etc. from Rooms to Go. Is the new furniture selling for a price similar to what you are asking? If so, most customers will choose new, trendy, fashionable furniture over your old, used, drooled upon, spilled on, soiled 1990's aztec/floral/geometric/wood-grain like furniture.

I can hear a lot of you screaming, "But my furniture is from Ashley...so therefore it is worth more than crappy, new rooms to go furniture."

Ha! Do you know the cost of re-upholstery. It is prohibitively expensive unless we are dealing with antiques. 80's and 90's furniture does not count. 70's doesn't either, because we all know that "retro" really just means "old".

Also, people that are in the market for used furniture from craigslist are typically looking for cost-effective alternatives to sitting on the floor or eating on the kitchen counter, or sleeping on a therma-rest. We don't care what YOU paid for it 15 years ago, nor do we care what you think 15 year old ashley furniture ought to be worth. We care about what we can afford. And if we wanted to spend $800 on a couch, we would go to rooms to go, and have their delivery people bring it to our house. This is an important point, since none of you are able to deliver.

Please take the time to evaluate the reasons that your used furniture is not selling. Why do you have to re-post the ad soooo many times? Do you have pics? Is your old, gross, furniture appropriately priced for the market? Is your recently bought, can't afford the debt furniture reasonably priced?

Seriously, gimme a break!

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