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Welfare Niggers(!!??!!))

Ummmm, the people you accuse of 'standing around and complaining' were held, with no food and water ,at gunpoint by The National Guard. What, exactly, were they supposed to do? They weren't even allowed to get out of those Concentration Camp lines to defecate and were forced to shit where they stood. WHAT WERE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO?!?

I am so sick of "Nigger this" and "Wlfare mother that". For every crackhead that was in the 'Dome robbing people there were 50 good families who were just trying to get by. One little girl was raped and murdered and the perpetrator was beaten to death. That sounds like justice to me, more than she would have gotton if it were left up to courts.

New Orleans fucked up evacuating the prisoners and a slew of rapists and murderers escaped, many to The Superdome. The people trapped there did the best they could, circling the wagons at night and attempting to protect themselves and others.

For every chicken head that threw trash there were 20 people trying to clean up until they got so weak and dehydrated that all they could do was sit and wait. And pray. I didn't hear complaining. I heard begging. And you would beg,too if you were forsaken by your community and government and left to die.

For every looter there were 5 BLACK people going in and out of houses and rescuing people. Maybe if the fucking store opened up and gave them some god damn water they wouldn't have had to break into stores. Why were 'looters' being shot at for stealing socks to put on thier raw, water logged feet?

Maybe if FEMA had done something besides wave thier guns at children & allowed The Red Cross and even Wal-Mart in with some fucking water they wouldn't have been forced to loot.

For every person who exploited and preyed on the weak there were 10 people protecting them and none of those protectors were the civil servants thier tax money (and mine) paid for. NEWSFLASH, motherfuckers. Not every poor person is on Welfare ,or have you never noticed who it is that's waiting on you at McDonald's or cleaning your toilet? Living below the poverly line does not equal unemployed. Who's washing your dishes? You think they're not living in the ghetto, too poor to get out when disaster strikes?

In the past few weeks, I have seen crimes against humanity that I never imagined existed, especially in the United States of America, and now I hear racism, blaming the victim and such disregard for human life it's just...horrifying. There's a picture of a black man holding a baby girl outside of the Superdome. He's shooing photographers who are trying to take a picture of a a poor dead man's body away. He is placing his own blanket over the dead man and giving him a little privacy and dignity in his demise. This is an animal who you say is entitled and standing around in his own shit?

In case you haven't noticed,there was no help for a lot of the people TO get out, and many didn't leave because they couldn't. Could not. Could not leave thier parents, thier hospitalized loved ones, thier pets. That sounds like people who were brave, very brave indeed and I will not stand idly by and listen to you take away any more of thier dignity than what has already been raped of them.

Signed,A disgusted white person

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