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New French Quarter Resident Seeking Mom Friends

You: tall long haired vixen seeking “normal mom friends.” Me: short long haired vixen mom seeking “international celebrity best friend”. I saw you in the French Quarter. We made eye contact. Coffee?

Angelina. I want to be your best friend. I know we can make it work. You would love me. I am really funny. I can totally pretend that I don’t care that you are famous. We can laugh together, get pedicures, talk about our kids sleep issues, brush each others hair, have pillow fights. All of the things that friends do! Almost all of my friends have kids now, so you have a built in play group. One time one of the kids accidentally ate a pot brownie, but other than that we have a pretty good track record.

Brad would really like my husband and I am sure the kids would get along. And just for the record, Brad is not on my “celebrities I can sleep with even though I’m married” list. So, you totally don’t have to worry. If he were Andy Garcia, we might have a problem.

Let me know when you are free. Tuesdays are best for me.

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