Originally Posted: 2005-03-20 8:57am
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I would like to learn how to breakdance. Right now I can turn my arm into a robot, but that's limit of my skillz. I figure my chances of getting phone numbers will increase by at least 38% after I spin about on my head in front of cute girls. In exchange for teaching this 27 year old the art of serving phony rappers, I'm willing to teach you calculus, give you a primer on organic chemistry, discuss the inconsistencies between the visible size of the known universe and the speed of light, fix any and all computer problems you have, edit your video, download TV shows/movies/music for you, setup all of your AV systems, show you the fastest way to beat The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time, take care of your pets, lie to your parents, make you good things to eat, manufacture and burn Bush effigies, test your mail for anthrax, take you grocery shopping, buy booze for you, stalk your ex-lovers, babysit your kids while you juggle your career in corporate law and your love life, and do bad impressions of David Brent. Please teach me how to breakdance. this is in or around Minneapolis

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